Tuesday, September 14, 2010

well then,

i see that i have been ignoring my blog for quite some time now, but i think it's mostly because i just haven't found anything profound to write!

so i've decided that it's time to get of love and loathing in order and finished...i've pretty much got most of it figured out, and hell, after three years, it better be done. i feel like an insane person; i'm haunted by fictional characters of my own creation. but i know once it is done i'll feel better.

work is okay. i dig most of the people that work there. actually, i dig everybody besides one person, but from what i understand, there always has to be that one asshole there to ruin the perfectly lovely team. if not, the world would implode.

i've been painting again, and i realize that i truly love it.

and i've also realized that a complete career devoted to art would make me hate everything i love about it; the spontaneity, the emotion, the control--it would all vanish if it were a job. i don't want it to be something i have to do; i want it to be something that i truly enjoy doing.

well, that's all i got for you--i'm off to writing something fictional.

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