Monday, May 31, 2010


seeing as it is memorial day, i'd like to put it out there that i have a lot of love for soldiers and veterans that put their life on the line for mostly undeserving people. it is really disturbing to see what this holiday has become--teenagers carelessly risking their own lives for a weekend of drunken stupidities while soldiers are dying defending them.

all that being said, i sincerely wish that we lived in a world where wars and violence and hatred and all that crap didn't exist.

peace and love.

limeade tastes great,

but the process of making it can be very dangerous. take my experience last night for example. i'm just trying to be a little over ambitious and cut up limes to make limeade, etcetc. but instead, as i'm cutting a lime, my pinky gets in the way, and ka-pow, it's gone, chopped off completely, sitting comfortably next to the pile of lime slices.

not really. now that would have been a tragedy. but, i just sliced it pretty good, and it looks gross. there goes my hand modeling career.

i think i'm going to the movies with momma later...and i have to finish jfran's project, and paint some more. tomorrow is the nyc trip with the ghana students--i'm super excited!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


i've jumped on the blog bandwagon and there's no turning back.

well, there is a delete button, but i have no intention of using it.

let the chaos ensue.

i'm reading

only revolutions by mark z. danielewski - almost done!

anthem by ayn rand