Tuesday, June 1, 2010

i bit

the inside of my lip at least 17 times today, all in the same spot, and it is so annoying--the spot is swollen and keeps getting in the way of everything. and now it's like i'm obsessing over it---i can't stop thinking about it, it is controlling my life.

nyc was super fun today! i saw the picasso exhibit at the met, and it was really cool to see how his art evolved throughout his life. i also went up to the roof garden, and there was this really cool bamboo forest-like installation that you could walk up. it was pretty insane. but then time was up! i barely saw anything before we had to run along. then we saw a bit of central park, and then we went our separate ways to get lunch. my group went to this asian fusion restaurant called ruby foo's--the food was good but a little on the expensive side. then we just walked all over the place until the bus picked us up.

i wish we had more time at the museum, but it's hard to fit anything in such a short period of time.

art show set up is tomorrow. kinda dreading it to be honest.
also, psych presentation.

but for now, painting and then sleep.
good night.

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